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Full Cut Tabs was founded in 2015 by former Custom Index employees.

Anthony Presti, 22 years with Custom Index in sales, customer service and production

Keith Ferro, 21 years with Custom Index in production and plant management.

Lorraine Presti, 20 years with Custom Index in office management, sales support and customer service.

Today, Full Cut Tabs occupies a factory and warehouse filled with the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment.


Our employees and managers are all industry veterans, and have grown Full Cut Tabs to become one of the country's go-to manufacturers and wholesale distributors to dealers of custom index tabs, file folders and filebacks.


At Full Cut Tabs, we pride ourselves on delivering great quality, great prices and great service for orders of any size anywhere in the U.S. Our customer service representatives are considered the best in the industry and are here to answer your questions or to design custom tab and folder styles for your customers' specific needs.


Great Prices,

Great Quality,

Great Service.

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