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Full Cut Tabs is a quality custom index tab manufacturer that helps dealers throughout the country. We offer competitive wholesale pricing, quick quote turn around and a responsive customer service team.

We only sell through a network of printers, brokers, filing systems dealers and office supply distributors.

We Do Not Sell Direct to the end user, but we are happy to work with anyone to find a dealer that best can service you.

Dealers throughout the United States rely on Full Cut Tabs for all their customers' custom-made index tabs and filebacks. Although we do not manufacture folders, we work with top manufacturers across the country and fulfill orders with supplied folders where we can print, install fasteners, install filebacks and custom index tabs.

Our resellers do business with physicians, medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers; financial services firms, law firms, educational/schools, human resource departments, government, prisons, small-to-medium sized businesses and major corporations.


At Full Cut Tabs, we design and manufacture our index tabs to your customers' unique specifications. Together, our ownership has over 65 years in the filing industry so we understand the problems and challenges that you face and will work with you for solutions. Further, we can "make and hold" your jobs in our warehouse and distribution center until customers across the country are ready to take delivery.


The Full Cut Tabs Difference
Truly customized index tab and divider products, unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, maximum flexibility from the moment of sale through delivery, superior customer service, and competitive pricing allow our dealers to keep their customers happy.


We Look Forward To A Challenge
With all the changes in our industry over the past several years, Full Cut Tabs is ready to help with any order that IFS Filing, C.I. Filing
or another manufacture may have dropped the ball with!!

We live in a fast-paced world where delivering a quality product, on time, makes the difference between keeping or losing your customer!

Full Cut Tabs will guarantee the ship date when you place your order

• Our turnaround flexibility will satisfy any of your customer's demands

Let us show you!

Phone 941-316-1510

Fax 941-953-5146

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